We have an average of two litters a year and all our puppies live with us as part of the family. We have Millie (Lhasa) Minnie (Lhasa) and Madison (Chihuahua) who are of age to have litters. 

Treatsntrix are now breeding Chi-Lhasa, the mother is a Chihuahua and the father is a Lhasa Apso. We have looked into the history of both breeds and found them to be a good match to breed together. The Chi-Lhasa puppies will be give the same love and care in the same way as all treatsntrix puppies,they will be trained in the same way with all the benefits of having a well behaved pup.

We also have our own stud who is called Bubba. I always put photos of mum and dad on here as well as photos of the puppies.

We do not let our puppies leave us until they are 14 weeks old as we have found this to be a good age for them to go to their new homes. We have both of their vaccinations done, they are de-wormed/de-fled, they are micro chipped before they leave us. We toilet train them as much as we can in the 14 weeks we have them, Door flap training, lead training.

1 - 2 weeks - The pups are handled everyday, this consists of playing with paws, rubing around the eyes, month, tummy ect.

3 - 4 weeks - Pupies eyes and ear are now open so we talk to them, still doing all the hands of stuff with them.

5 - 6 weeks - Puppies will be given puppy food (dry) they get to try different foods like Chicken, Cheese, Lasagna, ect. We feel this is an important part of making sure the puppies go to there new home with knowledge if there tummy can get upset with some kinds of food. They have their 1st Vaccination done as well as their 6 week check with the vet.Teresa is a qualified microchiper so she will do this for them around this time.

7 - 10 weeks - This is the time they go out into the garden to learn all about outside, they love this time as they run around play fighting with each other and all the adult dogs. One of the other services we offer is to have the pup neutered for a male and spayed for a girl, we have found it is a good thing to have this done at 10 weeks, for the males it stops them getting cancer, they will not sent around the home, for the females it is good as if they never have a season they never miss it but we have noticed that if they are spayed after a season,they get very low and moody as if they know they are missing something. Please ask for the cost of this or for more infomation. 

11 - 16 weeks - this is when we do the lead training with the pups, we try to get them to sit at the road side until we are ready to cross (this is not always 100% at this time)

We also offer the service of your new pup being spade or neutered, you pay the cost of the operation but we do all the caring of the pup. We have found over the years that this is a good thing to have done before they leave, for the dogs it means even if they smell a bitch in season they will not want to sent everywhere, with the bitches if she never has a season she will never miss them. I know many vets will say to wait until they are older but dogs and bitches personality dose seem to change if they have a season or smell a bitch that is in season. Please ask for more Info.

We also play with them and try to socialise them with as many things as we can i.e. : other dogs, children and all common indoor/outdoor surroundings, noises etc.

Please Read

As a breeder for 14years now I have always registered my puppies with the KC but was very upset when there was a problem with one of my pups and when I ask the KC to help I was told that the paperwork was "only a birth certificate and not proof of ownership"  I feel that the KC make a lot of money from people like myself that are NOT and have NEVER shown their dogs and do not want their puppies to be shown. I have always only sold my puppies to be loving pets, I spend 14 weeks giving them the best start in life I have also done the KC paperwork as I know a lot of people think that if they are KC registered they are getting a true breed of dog but I am sorry to say that is not always the case as the KC do not do any checks into the parents of the dogs. This is how I feel about this matter but please call or email me for more info. 


This is Rico the father of Madison litter she is having today 07/03/2018. I paid for Rico as a outside stud, I picked him as when I went with Madison to meet him his temperament was loving, cuddly and friendly.

Madison Is Our Chihuahua 

This is Madison She is having a litter of Chihuahua puppies today 07/03/2018. I will be updating this page with numbers of girls and boy pups.Madison had a litter of 8 Chi-Lhasa, who I am happy to say have all found forever homes.


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