Millie is the oldest member of our girls, she has had 4 litter up to date but we are hoping she will have another litter in 2017. She had 3 in the litter 1 boys and 2 girls all very healthy weights, she had white and gold, honey and light brown. Millie is an excellent mother, grandmother and auntie to all puppies that are born.Ruby Millie's best friend is no longer having puppies but still loves to help all the mothers out by helping with the play times, teaching them the right way ready for their new life with there new families. 


Minnie is the daughter of Millie, she will be 3 years old in 2017. She has had 2 litters up to date but we are hoping she will have a litter in 2017. We were not going to keep any of the pups from the litter but I, Teresa fell in love with her from day one. A ladies that came to see the pups picked her but later called me to ask if she could have her sister who was a little bit bigger, so i had to keep her lol. 
Madison also known as Maddie Moo,is a dog that we as a family did not think of ever getting.
A very good friend Ruby Richards give Madison to our son but Madison fell in love with 
my husband Mark.
The chihuahua and the Lhasa Apso are the most perfect 2 breeds to have together,
they compliment each other. 
Madison and Bubba had a litter a year ago but she only had 1 pup, she had a little girl who
our grandson called "Flower"
We kept Flower as part of our family.


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